Trainer Cards and Premium Trainer Cards Now Available!

Trainer Cards and Premium Trainer Cards have been made available for Edmond Go Fest.

Trainer Cards are available, free of charge, for anyone who would like to join in our gym leader challenge. Once you present your trainer card to the 8 gym leaders wandering the event, you will be able to challenge them for a chance to win their gym badge.

We will have card stock badges available for everyone who wants to participate. Gym Badge Buttons will be available in a limited quantity.

The gym badge buttons are button pins that you will be able to collect with a Premium Trainer Card. Premium Trainer Cards are available for $4 each in our shop. We have an initial run of 100 Premium Trainer Cards available.

You can find more information in our F.A.Q. As always, we also have a Discord channel available for friendly chat and meetups. Happy adventuring!

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