Electropixel’s Pokemon Go Fest!

Update 9/6/17 : Please see this blog post for new details regarding Edmond Go Fest.


Electropixel is hosting the first ever Pokemon Go Fest for Edmond! Come join us September 30th for games, prizes, giveaways, and more! The exact time and place have not been decided just yet. For that, we need your help. We need an estimate of how many people wish to attend to help us choose a location that is large enough to support everyone. If you would like to attend, you can register by visiting our shop and purchasing a free ticket. Everything at the festival will be free to everyone who would like to come. We are, however, accepting donations to help fund the festival. 70% of donations will go directly to our local schools in the Oklahoma City area. We plan to provide them with school supplies and other materials they are short on. The other 30% goes toward funding the festival. The money will be used to help secure prizes for giveaways, renting the venue, snacks, and a couple other surprises we have planned. Any money remaining after the festival is funded will join the other 70% and go to local schools. More details will come over the next couple weeks. Check back here or join us on Discord. We have some awesome plans and look forward to enjoying them with you all!

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