Edmond Go Fest F.A.Q.

What is Electropixel’s Edmond Go Fest?

We wanted to host an event that allows the Pokemon Go community of Edmond, Oklahoma to join together for some games and fun!

Is Edmond Go Fest associated with Niantic?

No. This is a community run event.

Will there be in game rewards like at Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago?

We have reached out to Niantic in attempt to get a couple of in game rewards such as unique spawns and legendary raids. We will post more info as it comes available.

How much does it cost to attend Edmond Go Fest?

Edmond Go Fest is free to attend.

When is the event?

We have applied to join Heard on Hurd, taking place on October 21st. If approved for a booth, we will have some games available with physical prizes, as well as giveaways.

What happens if the Heard on Hurd booth is not approved?

We will still host an Edmond Go Fest. It will take place at Mitch Park on October 28th.

What events will be at Edmond Go Fest?

Lures will be going constantly at all Pokestops during the event. We are going to have 8 Gym Leaders wandering the festival. You will be able to speak with one of the gym leaders and challenge them for a chance to win a gym badge. More details will be revealed as we get closer to the event. There will also be several giveaways throughout the event.

What else can you tell me about the gym badges?

We will have trainer cards available at the event and in our shop for each person that would like to participate in the Gym Leader’s challenges. Trainer cards are available for free. These trainer cards allow you to challenge a gym leader for a chance to win each Gym Leaders badge. The badges are made from strong card stock.

Here’s an early mock up of the card stock badges.

A limited amount of premium gym badges will also be available.

What are the premium gym badges?

Premium trainer cards will be available for $4 each. These allow you to receive gym badge buttons, rather than the card stock badges.

Wait, I thought you said the event was free!

Everyone is welcome to participate in all the activities Edmond Go Fest has to offer for absolutely no charge. The event is costing us a little less than $1,000 to host. This is quite a bit more than we originally planned. We had over 1,000 people register for Edmond Go Fest within the first week alone. Premium trainer cards help us recuperate some of these out of pocket costs and help fund the event.

How many premium trainer cards will be available?

We will have 100 premium trainer cards available to start. If more people would like to participate for the gym badge buttons then we will be able to increase this amount. Extra funds from the premium trainer cards help fund more giveaway prizes.

What sort of giveaways will there be?

Our Grand Prize giveaway includes a Pokemon Go Plus, A 20,000 mah portable battery charger, a $25 iTunes or Google Play gift card depending on your device, a Pokemon plushie of your choice.

All of these items will be available for individual giveaways, separate from the grand prize giveaway, throughout the event.

What is Electropixel?

We are looking to help create lasting friendships and build a thriving friendly community of gamers and Pokemon Fans alike. You can join our website at www.electropixel.com. We also have a Discord channel for friendly community chat. You can join our discord by visiting www.edmondpogo.com

I still have other questions, who can answer these for me?

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please send an email to support@electropixel.com. We try to answer all emails within 24 hours. Thank you all for your interest in Edmond Go Fest and we hope to see you soon! Happy adventuring!

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